Over 20,000 Cars Washed And Not A Single Complaint!

Home, Work, Or Anywhere! We Come To You And Give Your Car A Pristine Clean. And If You’re Not Happy, We’ll Give You 100% Of Your Money Back!

We can come to you and give your car a pristine clean, no matter the location! Find out if our mobile car cleaning service can come to your area


GEDS is ‘old school’ – extremely reliable, meticulous, good natured and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended. You will be impressed.

Toby, Fitzroy

Hi there, we’re GEDS Mobile Car Cleaning. And We’ll Make Your Car Shine.

Over the last ten years, GEDS has washed over 20,000 vehicles. And every single time we’ve taken on a new customer we’ve offered the same simple guarantee… “If you’re not totally satisfied GEDS will reclean your vehicle to your satisfaction or refund your money…in full!”

As of today, not ONE customer has requested a refund. Which means we’re pretty good at washing cars. And if you’re looking for someone honest, meticulous and punctual to clean YOUR car today, we’d like to make the same offer to you.

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The latest in Mobile Fleet Car Cleaning

One reason why we’ve such an excellent reputation as the #1 provider of mobile fleet car washing Melbourne wide is all down to our use of waterless wash technology.

By not having to rely on a water or electricity supply, it means that we can deliver our service literally anywhere in Melbourne, from your staff carpark to almost any location where your fleet cars happen to be.

Plus, there’s no mess while we’re cleaning and no watery residue to clean up afterwards.

Affordable and practical car washing for fleet vehicles

Although we do use the latest car washing technology to carry out our fleet car washing, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to cost more than traditional car washing services.

In fact, you’ll find that both our car washing for fleets and fleet car detailing services are very affordable, especially when you consider that we come direct to you, rather than expecting you to deliver your cars to us.

There’s no need for your staff to take time from their busy schedules to drive their cars to our premises and, as we come to you, we can be cleaning your fleet cars while your staff are working.

It’s an affordable and practical way to keep your fleet cars clean, without having to release staff to clean your cars for you.

We deliver perfect results with our waterless wash technology

Whether you opt for our regular car washing service for your fleet, or you need our one-off interior and exterior detailing service, you can expect perfect results from GEDS Mobile Car Cleaning.

Our waterless wash technology offers the perfect solution to handle the everyday dirt and grime that accumulates on your vehicles and, as the special liquid formulation contains added polymers, your paintwork will resist further dirt and stains more easily.

Of course, all our car washing and car detailing for fleets is backed up by our famous GEDS guarantee, so you can be sure that whichever service you choose, your fleet of cars is going to look immaculate when we’ve finished our cleaning.

Choose your level of service

As a leading supplier of mobile car cleaning for fleet vehicles in Melbourne, we offer a whole range of cleaning and detailing services to meet your needs, from basic washing to full interior and exterior detailing where we clean everything from the carpets and upholstery to the light fittings and bumpers.

Whether you want to set up a regular booking to clean just the exteriors of your fleet vehicles, you want to organise regular full interior and exterior detailing services for your Directors’ cars, or you’d like to organise one off cleans and valets, we can accommodate your needs.

Simply get in touch with the team here at GEDS Mobile Car Cleaning and choose your level of service, and we’ll organise a no obligation quotation.

You’ll find that our prices are very affordable, and that it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your company fleet cars always look professional and well maintained.

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100% money back guarantee

Same day service

20,000+ cars washed

How Can A Car Get So Clean?

Mobile Car Cleaning & Detailing Melbourne

Many of our customers ask us the same question: “How do you get it so clean?”. The answer is simple. We don’t just rely on high pressure hoses, water or any traditional cleaning methods. Sometimes your location can’t provide these amenities, and that’s fine. We have a solution for that!

Instead, when called for, we use a state-of-the-art lotion that breaks down the barrier between dirt and paint. And then HAND rub your car down with the finest of microfibre cloths.

This ensures you car is cleaned to the highest level without the risk of scratching, chipping or any other type of damage. It also has a number of other benefits, which you’ll discover below.

Busy? Can’t Get Out Of The Office? We’ll Come To You

The problem with water-washing is that it’s messy. But with our waterless-wash, we can come to any corporate office, car park, even the side of the road, make your car shine, and still leave the area spotless.

Plus, you don’t have to waste time running around finding a car wash that’s got availability to look after your car. Just book a time with the GEDS team. And we’ll turn up and take care of everything. Our service is perfect for…

  • Busy business people whose car and appearance is key to closing the sale and landing big commissions…
  • Individuals looking to sell their car and squeeze an extra few thousand out of the sale…
  • Luxury car owners who need to ensure their car is given the best care and don’t trust run-of-the-mill car cleaners…
  • Anyone who takes pride in their car and enjoys riding around in a clean, eye-catching vehicle…

From Excellent To Immaculate. Pick Your Level Of Service

At GEDS we offer two levels of service: car wash or car detail. Both  are excellent and all will leave your car in incredible shape. But for a very modest additional fee, you can get your car detailed and brought up to showroom quality. Our detailing includes shampooing, vacuuming, leather treatment, hand polishing of paint surfaces, wipe down of door skins, dash, console and seats, and more…

This is in ADDITION to the already stellar cleaning of your vehicles’ exterior, wheel rims, exterior mirrors and windows. But detailing isn’t for everyone and you might just want a quick, thorough clean of your exterior. And in that case we’d like to encourage you to…

Contact Us Today And Discover The Best Deal For You

If you’re too busy to call right now, simply tap or click the button below that says ‘Book Now’, enter your details, and we’ll be in touch ASAP to organise the best time and price for your car cleaning.

But please remember, no matter your booking, whether it’s a basic clean or pristine detailing, our guarantee still applies:

If you’re not 100% happy with the cleanliness of your car, let us know and we’ll either make it right – free of charge – OR refund your entire fee. We hope to hear from you soon.

…I have had a regular booking with GEDS for over twelve months now and have found the service an excellent one. …most importantly, all the cleaning they do on the cars is truly outstanding

Tony, hawthorn

We have used GEDS Mobile Car Cleaning to clean our three cars every two weeks for many months now.They are meticulous, careful and reliable. … They are surprisingly good value. Highly recommended.

Graeme, Hawthorn East

… GEDS comes in two days a month and cleans all our work vans and trucks (about 4) and then washes the staff cars. GEDS is ‘old school’ – extremely reliable, meticulous, good natured and a pleasure to do business with. … highly recommended …you will be impressed.

Toby, Fitzroy

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