Over 20,000 Vehicles Cleaned

And geds hasn’t paid out on the guarantee even once


Car Wash & Detailing Mount Waverley

With regular driving, vehicles can begin to lose their bright shine and head-turning appearance. Even if your daily drive is along the city suburbs or highway, you would be surprised at how much dirt, dust, grease, oil, scratches, smudges and marks can accumulate on the exterior.

Inside, coffee spills, hair, dirt from shoes, hand marks and so much other elements can quickly deteriorate the appearance of the interior. That said; do you want to enjoy that new car experience all over again? With GEDS mobile car cleaning services, you can do just that.
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Car Wash in Mount Waverley

Our car wash Mount Waverley team offer excellent flexibility – we bring our car wash and detailing services to you.

GEDS mobile car cleaning is fully capable of taking care of all your car detailing needs at a time and date and at a place that best suits you. We can transform the interior and the exterior of your vehicle while you tend to household duties, are busy at work or with the family.

We understand that our clients want nothing more than a clean and shiny car, and we know that it can be very difficult to fit this in around your work and leisure time. That’s why we make it ever so simple for you by bringing our high quality car wash and detailing services straight to your doorstep.

Mount Waverley Car Detailing

Not only are we the most flexible car detailing Mount Waverley provider, but the results that we can achieve are outstanding. At GEDS mobile car cleaning, we use state-of-the-art equipment and specially imported NANO technology waterless wash that removes all dirt from painted surfaces while eliminating scratch and swirl marks to restore a brilliant new car shine.

Don’t just take our word for it – to quote just one of our many, many happy clients “We have used GEDS mobile car cleaning to clean our three cars every two weeks for many months now. They are meticulous, careful and reliable. They are surprisingly good value too. Highly recommended.”  –Graeme, Hawthorn East 2014

As our client Graeme mentions, we don’t just deliver meticulous car cleaning and detailing, we do so at surprisingly good value.

  • Our standard exterior cleans, which includes a deep clean of exterior windows, mirrors and wheel rims is priced at just $35-40.
  • A regular interior and exterior clean, including a deep clean of seats and carpets, costs just $55-70.
  • Our ultimate package, which involves thorough exterior and interior cleaning and detailing is priced at $65-80.

Fast and efficient Car Detailing Mount Waverly wide

Finding a car detailing company that provides the kind of service you need can be a case of trial and error. While some companies may offer a brilliant service, if they carry out that service in their own premises it can often prove inconvenient to drop your car off and then wait while the detailing is completed.

On the other hand, you may find that your average mobile car detailing company doesn’t have the most up to date equipment, or can’t clean your vehicle if there’s no access to a water supply.

With GEDS, there’s no need to worry about traipsing across town to get your car cleaned, or run the risk of a mobile unit not providing the service that you need.

We bring our state-of-the-art equipment and NANO waterless wash technology direct to your car, wherever it happens to be, to provide our fast and efficient car detailing Mount Waverly wide.

The car wash Mount Waverly car owners can rely on

Whether you’d like to set up a regular appointment to have your car cleaned or you simply want to book a one-off interior and exterior clean, we guarantee that you’re going to be happy with the service that you receive from GEDS.

Over the last 8 or so years, we’ve carried out more than 20,000 car washes, and we’ve never had a disappointed customer. In fact, we offer all our customers the GEDS guarantee, where we’ll either redo the whole job or give you your money back if you’re not 100% happy with the finished result.

So far, we’ve never had to pay out on our guarantee – that’s the quality of the service you can expect from us.

Car detailing that’s good for your car and eco-friendly too

Just in case you were wondering whether our waterless wash can really get your car as clean as traditional car washing techniques, let’s just put your mind at rest.

The natural surfactants in our waterless system lift dirt, grime, grease and oils from your paintwork which we then simply wipe away.

Plus, due to the added polymers in the formulation, your paintwork is left with a lustrous shine and an ultra-smooth surface that resists dirt and stains.

There’s no need to use gallons of water to clean your car, there’s no dirty residues to clear away, plus our waterless wash formulas are based on natural ingredients, with no petrochemicals.

The best mobile car wash in Mount Waverly

So, as you can see, we’re not only the car wash Mount Waverly vehicle owners prefer, we’ve a growing reputation for providing top quality cleaning and car detailing that really gets your vehicle clean and helps the environment too.

Our customers range from people who want their cars cleaning while they’re at work as they don’t want to waste precious time cleaning their cars at weekends to businesses who need a reliable company to keep their business fleet looking at its very best.

We’re the company you can rely on for regular car cleaning or for one-off deep cleans, and we’re the company who always gives you the very best prices on all our car cleaning services.

Give your vehicle the TLC it deserves. With a low cost, flexible, thorough car wash and detailing service at your disposal in GEDS mobile car cleaning, what are you waiting for? Your new car experience awaits! Call our team today to book your car wash or detailing service.
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…I have had a regular booking with GEDS for over twelve months now and have found the service an excellent one. …most importantly, all the cleaning they do on the cars is truly outstanding

Tony, hawthorn

We have used geds Mobile Car Cleaning to clean our three cars every two weeks for many months now.They are meticulous, careful and reliable. … They are surprisingly good value. Highly recommended.

Graeme, Hawthorn East

… geds comes in two days a month and cleans all our work vans and trucks (about 4) and then washes the staff cars. geds is ‘old school’ – extremely reliable, meticulous, good natured and a pleasure to do business with. … highly recommended …you will be impressed.

Toby, Fitzroy

Whether It’s One Car Or A Fleet of Vehicles You Need Cleaned To Perfection – We’ll Come To You!

Whether you are in a high rise apartment, at your office, or at your home, we can come to nearly every single location in the Melbourne area. The problem with water-washing is that it’s messy. But with our waterless wash, we can come to any corporate office, car yard, even a high-rise, clean your entire fleet of vehicles to perfection, and still leave the area spotless. Plus, you don’t have to waste time trying to find a service that can’t handle your fleet, or doesn’t know how to care for your car.

We’ll clean everything… from luxury vehicles to work utes.  And there’s no car we can’t handle. Just book a time with our team. And we’ll turn up and take care of everything.