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Car Detailing & Wash Malvern East

Is your car in need of some TLC? Can you remember how good it felt to drive it off the forecourt when it was new? We’re guessing that it’s a while since it had that ‘new car feel’ and that perhaps it’s time to bring back its former glory.
If so, we’ve got the perfect solution at Ged’s Car Cleaning services, as we offer some of the most efficient car detailing Malvern East has available at a very competitive price. Whether you’ve got a family car, a sports model or a 4WD, we’ve got the experience and the expertise to tackle even the most difficult job and restore your vehicle to its former glory.
And what’s more is we’ll come direct to you at your convenience, as it’s our mission to make our mobile car detailing service as hassle-free as possible.
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Mobile car detailing services in Malvern East

Whether you’re planning to sell your vehicle and you want to give yourself the best chance of getting a good price, or you simply think it’s time that your car had a bit of an overhaul, you can rely on Ged’s for the best possible service.
With over 8 years of experience in the car detailing business, we’ve pretty much got every base covered. In fact, we’re so assured of the standard of our service that we offer all our customers a money-back guarantee, although we’re happy to say that nobody has ever had to be given a refund.

Bringing your vehicle back to its former glory

While we admit that we can’t work miracles, we think we get pretty close with our car detailing service. Not only will we clean and refresh everything from bumper to bumper both inside and out, but we’ll hand polish the paintwork to get that ‘just-left-the-showroom’ finish.
Carpets, cloth and leather upholstery and trims; we do the lot – so that your car is left gleaming, fresh and immaculately presented and ready for action. We also make use of our specially imported NANO technology waterless cleaning method to ensure that your paintwork isn’t subjected to scratches or swirl marks.

Get in touch with us to book Ged’s car detailing now

If you’d like to know more about our car detailing services in Malvern East, simply get in touch with us by calling 0451 777 877 or downloading our app for your Android or iPhone here? Our prices for car detailing vary, depending on the condition of your vehicle, but we’ll be happy to offer you a free no-obligation quote.
So don’t allow your vehicle to become something you’re embarrassed to drive. Treat it to Ged’s car detailing services and you won’t have to worry about giving a lift to your boss, your neighbour, or your friends.

Car Wash Malvern East

Could your car do with a good spruce up? Is it looking in need of some TLC? Don’t worry, help is at hand in the form of Ged’s Mobile Car Cleaning, probably the best mobile car wash Malvern East has available.
When you choose our car wash services, you can be in no doubt that your vehicle will be cleaned by professionals. Not only do we use state of the art technology and some of the latest cleaning methods, but we’ll also come direct to you, wherever you are in Malvern East to clean your vehicle at your convenience.

Professional car cleaning in Malvern East at a place and time to suit you

Whether you’d like your car cleaned while you browse the Chadstone Shopping Centre, or you’d prefer that we came to your place of work or your home, you can be sure that you’ll get a highly efficient and professional service each and every time.
We’ve over 8 years of experience in the business and have worked on all makes and models of cars, from Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW and Audi right through to more modest cars.
So, as you can see, we take our work very seriously. In fact, so much so, that each of our services comes with a money-back guarantee should you not be 100% pleased with the outcome.

A choice of traditional cleaning methods or waterless cleaning

As one of the top car cleaning companies in the area, we’ve built up a history of expert car cleaning and car detailing throughout the Melbourne area. We take considerable pride in our work, and are always looking to bring new technologies to the business. The NANO technology waterless cleaning system will literally lift the dirt off your paintwork without the need for water.

Vehicle cleaning packages at competitive prices

Check out our prices and you’ll see that we offer a great range of car cleaning packages at extremely competitive prices. From basic exterior cleaning right through to car detailing and fleet packages, we have a package to suit everyone, from individual car owners to businesses.

Great Value Car Wash and Detailing Packages

No matter what vehicle you drive, from an Audi to a Jag, a Lamborghini to a Toyota, a Hyundai to a BMW, you deserve to get behind the wheel and drive with pride.

Unfortunately, for many people, that pride begins to quickly fade soon after leaving the showroom as life gets in the way of maintaining that new car feel. However, with luxurious, affordable, mobile car detailing packages, you have no excuse as to why you cannot enjoy that showroom finish again and again and again.

Our packages start from just $50, which includes a complete exterior clean, including exterior wheels, glass and mirrors. That Exterior Clean package costs just $50 no matter the vehicle size – there’s no additional callout fee and no fuss.

If you want a complete restorative clean, our popular Standard Clean package includes a thorough interior and exterior clean, including vacuuming and costs just $60-$75.

If you want a complete vehicle transformation, enjoy our Deluxe Clean package, starting from just $70.

Additional Expert Extras

We’re willing to meet all of your additional needs, outside of our standard packages. We can cater to additional extras such as the shampooing and vacuuming of vehicle carpets and seats, the treatment of leather seats and leather seat inserts, hand polishing of painted surfaces, full interior detailing and wax finishing.

Just tell our expert car detailing Malvern East team what you need and we’ll do our best to deliver, and at an affordable cost too.

At Geds, we appreciate that sometimes it’s the little extras that matter.

Fully Restore Your Full Fleet

Want to have your entire fleet of corporate vehicles cleaned? Geds mobile car cleaning team are here to help.

We cater to a number of corporate clients across the wider Malvern East area, helping them to protect their business brand with a pristine fleet of company vehicles. We can come on site to your business or office location, or any other location you desire, and provide each vehicle in your fleet with a thorough exterior and interior clean.

Your vehicles can play an important role in landing the next big deal so, just like your sales team; they need to look their very best. Try our service just once and we promise that will be so impressed that our team will be regular visitors to your business time and time again.

The Mobile Car Wash Team You Can Trust

Why is Geds mobile car cleaning consistently regarding as the leading car wash Malvern East has to offer? Just ask our customers!

A browse through our online reviews springs up a number of extraordinary compliments to both our team and services from a sample of our thousands of clients. “Reliable”, “Meticulous”, “A pleasure to do business with”, “Highly Recommended”, “Outstanding”…these are just a few of the things our customers have had to say.

With a money back guarantee and thousands of satisfied customers, you know that Ged’s is the mobile car cleaning team you can trust.

Contact Ged’s car cleaning services now

To find out more about any of our car cleaning services, including those for fleet vehicles, or to book one of our packages, call us now on 0451 777 877. Alternatively you can get in touch via email or simply download our app, which is available for both Android devices and iPhones.
There’s no need to be driving around in a dirty car in Malvern East, when you can call in the car cleaning experts and let them sort it out for you. Our aim is to take all the hassle out of cleaning your car and leave you with a vehicle that looks well cared for and is a pleasure to drive.
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…I have had a regular booking with GEDS for over twelve months now and have found the service an excellent one. …most importantly, all the cleaning they do on the cars is truly outstanding

Tony, hawthorn

We have used geds Mobile Car Cleaning to clean our three cars every two weeks for many months now.They are meticulous, careful and reliable. … They are surprisingly good value. Highly recommended.

Graeme, Hawthorn East

… geds comes in two days a month and cleans all our work vans and trucks (about 4) and then washes the staff cars. geds is ‘old school’ – extremely reliable, meticulous, good natured and a pleasure to do business with. … highly recommended …you will be impressed.

Toby, Fitzroy

Whether It’s One Car Or A Fleet of Vehicles You Need Cleaned To Perfection – We’ll Come To You!

Whether you are in a high rise apartment, at your office, or at your home, we can come to nearly every single location in the Melbourne area. The problem with water-washing is that it’s messy. But with our waterless wash, we can come to any corporate office, car yard, even a high-rise, clean your entire fleet of vehicles to perfection, and still leave the area spotless. Plus, you don’t have to waste time trying to find a service that can’t handle your fleet, or doesn’t know how to care for your car.

We’ll clean everything… from luxury vehicles to work utes.  And there’s no car we can’t handle. Just book a time with our team. And we’ll turn up and take care of everything.