Over 20,000 Vehicles Cleaned

And geds hasn’t paid out on the guarantee even once


Car Wash & Detailing Dandenong

How would you like to experience that brand new car feeling all over again? At geds mobile car cleaning, we can restore the appearance of your vehicle, invigorating that brilliant new car shine with our first class quality car cleaning.

We’ve fast built a reputation as the best car wash Dandenong based service provider. How? It’s all about our results. We ensure a high quality finish that defies and exceeds even your highest expectations. After all, we enjoy seeing the finished result just as much as you do!
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Car Wash and Car Detailing in Dandenong

What makes geds mobile car cleaning stand out as the leading provider of car detailing Dandenong has to offer? Well a key hint is in our name.

Not only do we provide outstanding results, but our team is completely mobile. GEDS mobile car cleaning is adequately equipped to take care of all your detailing requirements on a day, at a time and at a location that best suits you.

We’ll get to work in restoring the appearance of your vehicle exterior and interior while you tend to your chores at home, at work, at the gym or enjoy more leisurely activities.

We understand that our customers want to maintain the appearance of their car but finding time to do so can prove ever so difficult. That’s why we make things easy, bringing our superior car cleaning services to a location that suits you at a time and on a date that suits you.

The Best Car Detailing in Dandenong

What may surprise you most is that, despite our outstanding results and flexible service, our cleaning and detailing packages are available at great prices.

  • For just $35-40, depending on the size of your car, we can provide your vehicle with a deep exterior clean, including its exterior mirrors, windows and wheel rims.
  • For just $55-70, we can clean both the interior and exterior to an exceptional standard, including the carpets and seats.
  • For just $65-80, you can transform the appearance of your vehicle with our ultimate deep clean package. This service even includes a wipe down of door skins and the console, dash and door seats.

geds mobile car cleaning team use only state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to achieve the best results possible. We can apply traditional cleaning methods (using water) or waterless cleaning using an imported NANO technology waterless wash that gently but effectively removes dirt from painted surfaces while eliminating scratch or swirl marks.

Mobile Car Detailing Dandenong wide

During our time in business we’ve cleaned over 20,000 cars without a having to ever pay out on our famous GEDS guarantee.

We think that this speaks volumes about the quality of our service and the meticulous attention to detail given to every cleaning job, whether we’re cleaning a top of the range Mercedes or we’re cleaning a more modest family car.

One of the main reasons for our success is all down to using state-of-the-art waterless cleaning methods, which are not only good for your vehicle, but which are good for the environment too.

And as it means that we don’t have to rely on a water supply to offer our car detailing Dandenong wide, we can clean your vehicle wherever it happens to be parked.

The car wash Dandenong car owners prefer

When it comes to getting your car cleaned, we know and understand that you want your car cleaned at a time and place to suit you.

Our versatile waterless car wash system not only enables us to clean vehicles in all sorts of locations, but it leaves your vehicle incredibly clean and with an amazing shine that you’ve probably not seen since it first left the showroom.

And if you’re wondering how we manage to achieve such a high gloss lustre on your paintwork, with no scratches, swirls or streaks – it’s all down to the high quality formulation of our waterless cleaning system.

There’s no nasty petrochemicals and no abrasive chemicals; just natural lubricating surfactants and polymers that remove grease and grime while leaving an ultra glossy protective layer on your paintwork.

Eco-friendly car detailing in Dandenong

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll love the fact that our waterless system is good for the environment.

Unlike some other car cleaning products and detergents, our waterless cleaning products don’t use any petrochemicals that will ultimately end up in our water system, and of course we don’t have to rely on water to clean your vehicle.

And with the average car wash using between 20 and 50 gallons of water depending on the size of your vehicle, you can see how we’re having a very positive impact on water usage with our waterless techniques.

Bring added shine to your paintwork

It’s no wonder that we have a reputation as the car wash Dandenong vehicle owners prefer, as we leave all the cars that we clean with an amazingly brilliant shine. And that’s all down to the quality of the polymer formulations that we use, which not only add incredible lustre, but leave your paintwork feeling incredibly smooth too.

But of course, while the gleaming paintwork may be the first thing you notice, we pay equal attention to all other parts of your car’s exterior to ensure that your car is thoroughly clean and pristine all over.

After all, our reputation depends on the overall quality of the job and the finished result. And that’s why we offer you the famous GEDS guarantee – that if you’re not happy with the quality of our cleaning – we’ll give you your money back!

With over 8 years of experience, your vehicle is in reliable and trustworthy hands. We have experience in washing and mobile car detailing a huge variety of different car models and brands including Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, Audi, BMW and much more. Don’t delay; book your appointment with GEDS mobile car cleaning team today.
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…I have had a regular booking with GEDS for over twelve months now and have found the service an excellent one. …most importantly, all the cleaning they do on the cars is truly outstanding

Tony, hawthorn

We have used geds Mobile Car Cleaning to clean our three cars every two weeks for many months now.They are meticulous, careful and reliable. … They are surprisingly good value. Highly recommended.

Graeme, Hawthorn East

… geds comes in two days a month and cleans all our work vans and trucks (about 4) and then washes the staff cars. geds is ‘old school’ – extremely reliable, meticulous, good natured and a pleasure to do business with. … highly recommended …you will be impressed.

Toby, Fitzroy

Whether It’s One Car Or A Fleet of Vehicles You Need Cleaned To Perfection – We’ll Come To You!

Whether you are in a high rise apartment, at your office, or at your home, we can come to nearly every single location in the Melbourne area. The problem with water-washing is that it’s messy. But with our waterless wash, we can come to any corporate office, car yard, even a high-rise, clean your entire fleet of vehicles to perfection, and still leave the area spotless. Plus, you don’t have to waste time trying to find a service that can’t handle your fleet, or doesn’t know how to care for your car.

We’ll clean everything… from luxury vehicles to work utes.  And there’s no car we can’t handle. Just book a time with our team. And we’ll turn up and take care of everything.