Mobile Car Wash & Detailing St Kilda

Going about your day-to-day business can be tough on the exterior and interior of your car causing it to quickly lose its showroom shine and new car experience. After time, a car, no matter the brand, can lose some of its visual appeal if its body and interior are not regularly cleaned and detailed. Are you guilty of allowing your car to lose its wow factor? If so, don’t worry as ged’s mobile car cleaning team can help you restore that head-turning appearance that you once enjoyed experiencing. Appreciate that new car experience all over again with a visit from our car wash & detailing St Kilda based team.

With a visit you say? That’s right. Our team of car wash and detailing experts are fully mobile. You can choose the time, date and location and we will simply bring the car wash and detailing centre experience to you. When you leave the home in the morning or office in the evening, you’ll hardly be able to recognise the sleek, shiny car waiting for you outside. We specialise in delivering a completely personalised service, as it’s our goal to make car washing and detailing maintenance as easy as possible for our customers.

With packages starting from just $35, scheduling a car wash and detailing service with ged’s mobile car detailing team might just be the best decision you make this week. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to restore your beloved vehicle to showroom quality once again. Call us today to schedule your car washing and detailing in St. Kilda.